Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

Crazy tonight

Hello friend,
Have you ever realized that after all this time, the only person, the only thing you love is yourself?? I’ve just realized that tonight.Well, I know that was weird, but never mind about that. What about you friends??

Let me give you simple example. A song is playing on the radio. You heard the lyrics. And spontaneously you said, “This is so me.” A yearbook is lying on the table. You open the book, and spontaneously, you skip to your class portion. The first face you want to see is your face, right? Do I look good?
There is one explanation for this. U know what?? "We are selfish"t

I love you but I love myself more.

I want to end this but I can’t.
Arrrggghh,,I'm crazy tonight!!!

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